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Established in 1936, this is India's first national park. It is named after the legendary naturalist and conservationist Jim Corbett. Located at the Himalayas' foothills, near the popular hill-station of Nainital, the beautiful Jim Corbett National Park, is famous for being home to a large number of tigers, the highest among any Indian national park. Spread over 1318.54 sq km, of which 520 sq km is the main area, and the remaining is buffer; the park is spread over the picturesque landscapes of Pauri Garhwal, Almora, and Nainital. The jeep safari into the dense forest to see the wild animals in their natural habitat is a must-have experience. And if you are lucky, then you may get a chance to even spot a tiger. While on the jeep safari, enjoy the lush green forest's views cut across by streams and rivers and a few waterfalls. There are accommodations available inside the park for night-stay as well, which offer you once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Tourist Zones : In order to promote tourism in the region Corbett National Park has been divided into five different zones. These are the marked buffer or core area of the park where visitors can be part of wildlife safari and can enjoy the intriguing behavior of the animals with bare eyes at proximity.

Bijrani Safari Zone : Bijrani Zone is very popular tourist's hub because of its abundant natural beauty and open grasslands. The entry gate of the zone is located at only 01 Km from Ramnagar city.

Jhirna Safari Zone : Jhirna is another important tourist zone in the Jim Corbett National park that is open for tourist round the year. Jhirna Gate is located at 16 km from Ramnagar city.

Dhela Safari Zone : Dhela is a new eco tourism zone in Corbett National Park included in tiger reserve zone in November 2014. This is the only area in the reserve's buffer zone open to tourists in CTR. The zone is retaining the attention of large number of tourist because of its wealthy flora and fauna, open throughout the year, located at an approximate distance of 13 Km from Ramnagar City.

Dhikala Zone : Being the largest and most jungle-safarivaried zone in Corbett, Dhikala is famous for its abundant natural beauty as well as offering the best sight for exotic fauna. The entry gate is 18 km away from Ramnagar city. Night stay inside the Dhikala Tourism Zone is highly recommended for the hard core wildlife enthusiasts.

Durga Devi Zone : Located on the north-eastern boundary of the Jim Corbett National Park, Durga Devi zone is the heaven on planet earth for those who are fond of bird watching. Entry gate is located at an approximate distance of 36 km from Ramnagar city.

Sitabani Buffer Zone : Sitabani Zone doesn't fall under the Corbett Tiger Reserve area. If you are fond of serene ambiance of the natural beauty, must visit Sitabani area.

Best Options To Travel Within The Park :
Jeep safari is the most convenient option for travel within the park. The jeep safari can complete the tour in one day. They are easily available from the various resorts located in Ramnagar. The park opens at 5:30 in the morning and closes at 10:00. Again the tourists can go inside the park at 2:00 in the afternoon and it shuts at 6:00 in the evening. The morning is the best time when one can spot the big cats moving around in their natural habitat. The elephant safari is an exhilarating experience; where you can travel through the unfamiliar terrain never visited before and explore the grasslands teeming with wildlife sitting on the backdrop of the enormous animal.

The safaris can be booked in advance, but keeping in mind the delicate balance between wildlife, nature and humans, there is a limitation on the amount of jeeps allowed inside the park at one time. Also the passes for the jeep safaris are available for half day. Incase for a full a day pass, extra expenses will be incurred. The tourists can also enjoy evening safaris in the middle of the jungle and the bookings for the same have to be made 48 hours before the safari. This is on the first come, first served basis. Both the jeep and elephant safari, however, are on a first come first serve basis.

Clothing Tips For The Corbett Tour :
The clothing tips for the Corbett tour provided here is in the accord of the seasons of the Corbett National Park and the nearby region. So, you should carry the clothes which are in the sync of the weather condition of the particular season in which you are planning to visit the Corbett Park. In contrary to the popular notion that hilly terrain is comparatively less hot in the summer season, the area of the Corbett National Park, in spite of being a hilly region, is pretty hot in summers. The temperature crosses 45 degree Celsius in the peak summer during May and June months while the minimum temperature dips down below the 2 degree Celsius in Winter, which makes the climate very cold during mid-December to mid-January. So, from the blistering heat to pleasant and lovely weather to the bitter cold, the climate of the Corbett Forest Reserve changes significantly all round the year. Here are some tips regarding what clothes to carry while visiting Corbett in different seasons.

During The Summer Season (April To June) :
Don't expect any leniency in the scorching heat during the summer season that remains from April to June months every year. The temperature varies between 35 and 47 degree Celsius during this time so more the light clothes you wear more comfortable you will feel. The light colored thin cotton T-shirts are most suitable in this season. Along with the light clothes, you must carry a cap or hat, sunglasses, scarf to protect yourself from the sun rays.

During The Winter Season (Mid-November To Mid-February) :
The weather has been started to get colder from the month of November but during the December and January, it gets very cold so you must carry the warm clothes if you are visiting Corbett in this season. While going to the Jungle safari during the peak winter season, you have to take the warm blanket along with you to beat the cold blowing air that you will face on the open Jeep safari. The Jeep safari in the winter morning is freezing cold, so even after wearing many layers of warm clothes you will need the blanket to protect yourself from the freezing cold air. You must carry some warm woolen clothes, a pair of hand gloves and a wool cap or muffler to safeguard your body from bitter cold.

Apart from the above mentioned months, the weather is pleasant during the rest of the year so you can carry the normal light colored. Don't wear any bright colored clothes or even stark white cloth while going to the safari inside the National Park as it may make animals uncomfortable. In any weather, wear clothes that matched the color of Nature such a light brown, green, gray, khaki, etc.

Best places to see in and around Corbett includes Corbett Museum, Corbett Waterfall, Garjia Temple, Bijrani, Jhirna, Kosi River, Durga Temple, Sitabani Temple, Dhikala Tourism Zone, Kyari Camp, Sitaban Forest Reserve, Kalagarh Dam and many more. Apart from it there are many prominent hill stations around in Corbett. Among all these the closest one is Nainital, which is 80 kilometres away. These places are secret hideouts where you can rejuvenate yourself. If you are planning a week long vacation in Corbett National Park, do visit these awesome places. Here are some other equally best places to visit near Jim Corbett national Park:

Dhikala Tourism Zone :
Dhikala is a well known tourist destination in Jim Corbett National Park. Situated at the border of the extensive Patil Dun valley from where the Ramganga flows in numerous channels. Literally Dhikala is situated approximately at a distance of 35 km from Dhangarhi Gate, promising more real experience of the wild. Dhikala forest lodge is the sole place in Indian National Park that permits night stay in the lap of nature. Hard core wild lifer recommends a very interesting place to find accommodation in. It offers outstanding view of the valley, with the Kanda.

Garjia Temple :
Garjia Devi Temple is situated at an approximate distance of 14 km from Ramnagar city on the way to Ranikhet. The temple is actually a huge rock that is placed amidst river Kosi, which has been named as Garjia Devi after the deity. Devotees reach temple after climbing several flights of stairs. Temple attracts thousands of devotees from across the globe. Newlywed Couple coming to Corbett must seek the blessings of Garjia Devi.

Sitabani Forest Reserve :
Located at an approximate distance of 10 km from Ramnagar, Sitabani is a hard forest area but not the part of Corbett Tiger Reserve. Sitabani is heaven for bird watchers as the place is only spot where many species of feathered creatures beautify the environs of area. Apart from, the reserve provides an adobe to a good number of wildlife including barking deer, tigers, leopard, wild boars, elephant and king cobra. The place has historic importance too; associated with the epic Ramayana, it is said that Sitabani is the same place where Goddess Sita (wife of Lord Rama) spent her days of expulsion. Declared as buffer zone area by the forest officials only has two modes of transport - Elephant and Jeep Safari is allowed.

Corbett is paradise for such tourists who love elephant ride amidst jungle. An elephant rides accompanied by trained Mahout is offered at Bijrani, Dhikala, Khinnanauli, Gairal and Jhirna. You have to obtain permit for elephant ride that is conducted in two shifts - morning and evening in each of the respective zones.

Corbett Water Fall :
Situated at an approximate distance of 25 km from Ramnagar City by surface. The waterfall is snuggled amidst the green foliage and cascades down into a small lagoon like pool. It is a best picnic spot for groups visiting Corbett National Park. Tourist can enjoy swimming and can refresh all the senses of the body.

Dhangarhi Museum :
Dhangarhi gate is situated 20 km from Ramnagar railway station. The museum has been set up at the main entry gate of the park is like an introduction to Jim Corbett National Park. The museum depicts the maximum information about the land topography and wildlife species residing the park.

Kosi River :
The River Kosi flows approximate to the Corbett National Park and forms the eastern boundary of the Park. Though the river does not enter the National Park boundary but wild animals from Corbett come to the river banks for drinking water especially during pinch periods. The river is inhabited by Masheer and attracts many species of migratory birds too. So the area is best for bird watching and photographing them. It is a great place for young travelers, sitting at the banks of river in evening, have a sip of beer and you can read your favorite book.

Bijrani Tourism Zone :
Bijrani Tourism Zone is the premium zone of the park, known for its exotic flora and fauna and amazing vegetation. Bijrani is one of the highest wildlife populated Tiger Reserve Area of Corbett National Park. The entry point of this zone is Amdanda Gate near Ramnagar. Travelers may have highest possibility of tiger spotting during Bijrani Jeep Safari. Healthy population of wildlife, open grasslands, deep & dense forest with stormy drains is some of the major attractions of Bijrani wildlife zone.

Jhirna Tourism Zone :
Jhirna is situated in the southern area of the park and is popular for easy wildlife sightings in its thick jungle. It is one of the prominent places to explore in Jim Corbett as in this area of the park you will be enough lucky to see many wildlife species like Nilgai, Sambhar, Cheetal and Royal Bengal Tiger in their natural habitat. Apart from it, here, you can also spot sound population of wild elephants and sloth bears.
For more excitement and thrill, you can book a night stay at Forest Rest House Jhirna to see tigers as they usually visit at this location at night.

Durga Mandir Temple :
Durga Mandir Temple is an ancient temple which is amongst the notable tourist places in Jim Corbett for devotees to goddess Durga. The temple is also known for its unique architecture work depicting legends of other Hindu deities.
Many tourists visit the temple to praise its beautiful design. The temple is a place nestled in the dense woods of the national park. The Kosi River flowing through it increases the charm of this prominent place.

Sitabani Temple :
Sitabani temple is dedicated goddess Sita, which is an ideal spot for those looking for some religious tourist places in wildlife destination. According to the Hindu epic Ramayana, the protagonist Sita of Ramayana spent some days stranded in a fugitive while in the Agnipariksha phase.
Besides, this area is also known for a nearby flowing river that attracts many tourists. The serene riverbank is a lovely spot to take rest for a while after a tiring safari tour.

Kalagarh Dam :
Kalagarh Dam, built in 1947, also popular as Ramganga Dam, is an important part of the Ramganga Multipurpose Project. The project is focused at offering irrigation and hydroelectricity to the nearby areas. It is located within the boundaries of Jim Corbett National Park, popular spot for tourist visiting the national park.
The dam is nestled on the shores of river Ramganga, Kalagarh Dam has also the responsibility of providing electricity to Jim Corbett National Park. The dam area is home to several migratory birds making an ideal destination for ornithologists to observe various species of birds, especially during winters. It is also picnic spot for family members and group of friends. This beautiful water spot takes you miles away from the everyday chaos of life and transports you amidst the serene surroundings of the dam and its adjoining natural landscape.

How to Reach Corbett : Ramnagar is perhaps the best approach to the Corbett National Park which forms the headquarters of CTR. This small city is well connected by road and rail network with major cities of India like Delhi, Moradabad, Nainital and Bareilly. Once you reach Ramnagar, then it takes only half an hour to reach Corbett National Park. The park is around 15 Kms from Ramnagar railway station.

By Road : Ramnagar has a very good network of road that connects the different cities. The Corbett National Park is situated at an approximate surface distance of 260 Kilometer from India's national capital Delhi. The state government of Uttarakhand plies buses at a short interval of time from Delhi, Moradabad, Haldawani, and Nainital that reaches Corbett directly.

By Rail :The railway station in Ramnagar receives trains from different major cities of India like Delhi, Moradabad and Bareilly. A direct train to Ramnagar runs from Delhi. You can check out for Ranikhet Express, Corbett Link Express and Kathgodam Express that takes you directly to Ramnagar.

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