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Jim Corbett Jeep Safari Booking

Home to more than 650 endangered species of birds and other animals; Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest National Park in India. When it comes to exploring the massive National Park in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, nothing is better than Jeep Safari in Corbett.

If not a Jeep Safari, how else do you plan to encounter the most ferocious and playful animals in Jim Corbett National Park? With area of 520 square kilometers, the park comprises of the hills, marshy lands, large lakes, river belts and massively spread grasslands.

Well, you can’t walk around and cover the area on your foot. That’s why we have several Jeep Safari options for you wherein you can explore the rare species of flora and fauna.

Affluent wildlife of the Park doesn’t fail to enchant the tourists and explorers every time one visits. However, exploring on your own is not an easy job if you are not a professional in this.

Easy and quick Jeep Safari booking in Jim Corbett allows you to book some incredible Jeep Safaris that can help you explore the great Tiger Reserve from up close and encounter some startling animals inside in the reserve. Well, if you are lucky enough, you might even get to see the magnanimous animal of the Park- endangered Bengal Tiger. 

View The Indigenous Environ Through Jeep Safari In Jim Corbett

Amongst the 650 endangered animal and bird species, 50 species of raptors, 586 species of resident and migratory birds, 36 species of dragonflies, along with leopards, buffaloes, Indian elephants, jungle cats, leopard cat, deer, sambhar deer, hog deer, Himalayan black beers, Himalayan goral, owls, macaques, Indian grey mongoose, etc, it is rare that you won’t spot a single animal.

However, the rich flora and theabundance of foliage - camouflage - in the reserve make it difficult to spot the animals very easily. Well, that can’t be the issue with us as our expert guides and Jeep drivers know the reserve inside out and will help you spot some amazing animals in the reserve.

The time has to be spent wisely when it comes to exploring the magnanimous National Park with huge variety of flora and fauna. The Jeep Safari in Corbett is planned according to the proximity and timeliness of the animal wandering in the Park so that you can spot maximum of them.

Just a glimpse of these rare and beautiful animals can gratify your instinct from within. The once in a lifetime experience of encountering such animals cannot go in vain if you do not choose wisely from the Jungle Safaris in Jim Corbett.

Besides, when you hop on that open Jeep, the chilly winds inside the Park wakes you up and let you experience the best of nature around you. A safari ride at the Corbett national Park is believed to be a ripping experience and this can be made all the more delightful when the time spent in the jungle is in the comfort of a jeep.

The Diverse Flora And Fauna Jeep Safari Zones In Jim Corbett National Park

  • Bijrani Safari Zone - The entry into Bijrani Safari Zone is through Amdanda Gate . On entering this Safari Zone on your Jeep Safari you will come across Lush Sal forests, huge grasslands, and various others diversified flora species. Bijrani Safari Zone is just 1 kilometers away from Ramnagar and is inhabited by wild animals like elephants, Monkeys, Tigers, Chital and Deer. The best time to visit is from Mid October to June End.
  • Jhirna Safari Zone - At a distance of 16 kilometers from Ramnagar, Jhirna is an important Safari Zone in Jim Corbett National Park. Jhirna is more popular for spotting wildlife beasts like wild bear. Well, you are safe on the Jeep Safari in Corbett but it is better to be prepared for an encounter with enormous bear that could appear from nowhere.
  • Durga Devi Zone - The best time to visit this Safari Zone is from Mid November to June End, Durga Devi Zone is the best place for those who love bird watching. From Grey Headed Fishing Eagle, Black Chinned Yuhina, Maroon Orile, and Long Tailed Broadbill, you can watch it all. Besides this, it is the very zone in Corbett where the endangered Mahsheer fish come for breeding. There is no way other than enjoying this zone on Jeep Safari.
  • Sitabani Buffer Zone - Famous for its temple and various avifauna species, Sitabani Zone is a buffer forest area and does not fall under the Corbett Tiger Reserve. Sitabani is more of a safe zone which is not inhabited by many wild animals but one can enjoy great birding experience here. Besides, you don’t need any prior permission to enjoy jeep Safari in Jim Corbett Sitabani Zone.
  • Dhikala Zone - In the largest and most popular zone of Corbett National Park, you enjoy great comfortable stays in forest lodges of Dhikala. This zone allows you to closely experience the wildlife by staying inside the National Park amid the wilderness. Home to most exotic fauna species naming Royal Bengal Tigers, Tuskers Elephants, Deer, Chita, Spotted Deer, Vulture, Teal, Dove, Crocodile, Cobra etc. So, don’t wait to experience the best of wilderness, book online Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett and get started.

Jim Corbett Jeep Safari Timing, Cost and ID Proof:-

  • Morning (5:45 AM - 9:15AM) 
  • Evening( 3:00 PM - 6:15 PM)

Jeep Safari cost (Indian) Rs. 4500/- per Gypsy (Maximum 8 Visitors: 6 Adult + 2 Children allowed in a Gypsy.)

Jeep Safari cost (Foreigner) Rs. 8000/- per Gypsy (Maximum 8 Visitors: 6 Adult + 2 Children allowed in a Gypsy.)

The complete information of guest with name, age, and gender and ID proof of at least one guest is requisite for booking online Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett. We request you to kindly deposit the full non refundable amount in advance in order to enjoy your Jeep Safari. While entering the Safari Zone, guests must carry valid ID proof for security check and uninterrupted safari. Maximum of 8 visitors are allowed in a single Jeep Safari in Corbett.

Booking during the rainy season (1st June to 14th November) is provisional with chances to get cancelled to ensure the safety of the guest keeping in account the weather condition. All bookings during this time are done at visitor’s risk as no refund is claimed if it is cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

Procedure To Book Online Jeep Safari In Jim Corbett

For booking Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett, following information needs to be provided in advance:

  • Visitor’s full name with age and sex as printed on their identity proof.
  • Identity proof of every visitor with confirmatory amount
  • Preferred traveling time & Safari schedule (Morning 5:45 am to 9:15 am /Afternoon 3:00 pm to 6:15 pm)
  • Particular ID card number( Voter Id, Aaadhar Card Number, Driving license Number)
  • Full advance amount to be paid before Safari
  • No money back on online permits if permit is once booked or confirmed
  • Kindly carry the similar ID card presented during the online booking
  • Kindly book 45 days in advance of your Safari
  • Foreigners must book 90 days in advance
  • Foreign Tourist must provide with Passport details for making any booking
  • Safari permit can be issued on first come first serve basis (subject to availability)

Important Information For Guests To Book Online Jeep Safari In Jim Corbett

  • Visitors must obtain the permits for entering the Safari Zone. Permits can be issued online (by providing above mentioned documents)
  • It must be noted that the in-permit to the Corbett National Park is provisional and can be changed or canceled without any prior intimation
  • The order of Corbett Tiger Reserve Director will be final in this regard
  • In-permit is non transferable once issued on one’s name
  • Officially registered guides will join you in your excursions, Change of the guide or naturalist will not be entertained
  • Entry to National Park is prohibited after sunset
  • Day visit to Dhikala Zone is not sanctioned except for the tourists staying inside the forest resorts
  • Getting down from the vehicle or running away from it is strictly prohibited when on Jeep Safari in Corbett.
  • Do not carry any pets along to Corbett Tiger Reserve Tour
  • All visitors to Corbett Tiger Reserve must adhere to the rules and regulations of wildlife protection act.

Hope you enjoy your visit to Jim Corbett National Park!


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